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M&A Advisory Services
in Atlanta, GA

Marsh Creek specializes in selling businesses with revenues of $5 to $150 million. We offer business owners personalized support while leveraging the highest level of service in our industry. Work with people you can trust, who understand your goals, and can help you find the best value for your business.

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What You Can Expect

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No Upfront Fees

We only get paid after your successful sale. While many firms charge large up-front valuation and listing fees, our team prefers to be paid when you get paid: at the closing table.

Experienced Team

Our team is led by John Marsh, a former CFO and public accountant. With his wealth of experience, we offer expert guidance throughout every step of your sale.

PowerExit Strategy

Our strategy brings multiple buyers to the table so you can maximize your business’s value and have control of the sale. By running a proven process and building a dedicated team around you, we can identify the ideal buyer and secure the best deal terms.

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Step By Step

Our Proven Process

Our sale process is created with you and your business in mind to ensure maximum value and a smooth transition.



We’ll start by taking a comprehensive look at your operating conditions, management team, corporate strategy, strengths, and growth opportunities.



Next, we’ll analyze your financials and market trends to accurately value your business. Alongside a hand-selected team of financial advisors and legal experts, we’ll work on strategies to increase your company's value.



Based on the valuation and other key factors, we’ll help you assess potential buyers, deal structures, and timing considerations.



Our team will work with you on setting expectations for the sales process, including timelines, anticipated challenges, and potential outcomes.



Using our extensive network of potential buyers and investors through the Bristol Group, we’ll develop a targeted marketing package (CIM) to attract the right buyers and generate interest in your business.



When offers come in from our curated list of buyers, we’ll help you evaluate each one carefully to determine the best path forward.



Once a preferred offer is selected, we’ll guide you through the due diligence process. This ensures that all necessary communication materials are collected and shared with your buyer.



Finally, we’ll provide support throughout the legal and financial aspects of the transaction to ensure a smooth and successful close.

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