Marsh Creek: New Name, Same Expertise, and Affiliations in M&A Advisory Services

Marsh Creek: New Name, Same Expertise, and Affiliations in M&A Advisory Services

April 17, 2024

Marsh Creek: New Name, Same Expertise, and Affiliations in M&A Advisory Services

[Atlanta, Georgia] - We are excited to announce that Bristol Group Atlanta, a sell-side M&A advisory and business brokerage firm, is rebranding as Marsh Creek. This change is part of a larger strategy to increase our capacity to deliver high-quality merger and acquisition advisory services to our clients. We are proud to maintain our long-standing affiliation with the esteemed Bristol Group, a nationwide network of M&A advisors and business brokers headquartered in Boise, Idaho.

As Marsh Creek, we remain dedicated to providing exceptional advisory services to our clients across various industries. Our team of experienced professionals will continue to offer personalized guidance, strategic insights, and customized solutions to allow business owners to take control of the process of exiting their businesses on their terms.

The rebranding of our firm comes at a time of rapid growth and expansion for us. Increased demand has required us to add several new team members with extensive experience in M&A advisory, expand our network of industry partners and open an office in Dallas, TX.

The name Marsh Creek is inspired by the natural beauty, resilience, and grit of the marsh ecosystem, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients while navigating the complex process of selling businesses.

"We are excited to introduce Marsh Creek as our new brand identity. Our rebranding represents the next chapter in our journey as we expand our capabilities and deepen our relationships with our clients," said John Marsh, Managing Partner of Marsh Creek. "We are proud of our expert M&A advisory services and continued affiliation with the Bristol Group. We look forward to continuing to deliver excellent M&A advisory and business brokerage services under our new name."

From Kelly Shaw, co-Founder of the Bristol Group "We are excited about John and his team’s rebranding to Marsh Creek. This change reflects their commitment to expanding their capabilities and delivering exceptional client results. As the founder of Bristol Group, I am proud of our continued affiliation with John and the Marsh Creek team and are confident in their ability to continue to provide expert M&A advisory services under their new name."

For more information on Marsh Creek or our M&A advisory services, please visit our website at Please also visit for more information about the Bristol Groups national network of business brokers and M&A Advisors.

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