5 Secrets for Selling a Business

5 Secrets for Selling a Business

April 17, 2024

5 Secrets for Selling a Business

The Bristol Group has been selling businesses since 2005. With all the businesses sold there are common factors that stand out. We have narrowed that list down to the five most important secrets for selling a business.

1. Clean Books and Record

Having an accurate and complete accounting of all income and expenses related to the business is requirement number one. Management should be using this data to operate the business, make improvements, and stay in compliance for tax purposes. With the help of computers and software, general accounting functions are easier than ever.

2. Strong Earnings and Profits

There are very few business buyers that are looking for distressed financial situations. Most business buyers are investors seeking a return on their investment. Therefore, a company must be profitable and show through historical performance that the company can make money for the owners.

3. Product or Service that is in Demand

The best way to know if you have a product or service is in demand is by looking at the trends. If your revenue and profits and trending up, then there is a good chance the demand is increasing. The opposite is true as well. Said another way, your business must have room for growth and be scalable.

4. Owner Has a Good Reason to Sell

We can bring offers to the table all day long and never complete a deal if the business owner doesn’t have a genuine reason for selling the business. In order to have a sellable business you must be a motivated seller. In addition to that, every business owner should have a plan for the next phase of their life after they sell the business.

5. Owner is Flexible on Selling Price and Terms

We tend to focus much of our attention on the Selling Price of the business. But we should not ignore the other terms and conditions associated with selling a business. Business owners need to approach this process with an open mind. They need be flexible – even creative and times – to make a deal work.

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